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A little bit of background

Being born, raised and educated in Forli, Italy (1969), Leonardo has always been fascinated by nature and space. Japanese cartoons showed him distant worlds of spaceships and aliens. He spent his childhood drawing, modelling plasticine, playing with Lego and in summer making sand castles at the seaside. He attended the University of Architecture in Florence. Leonardo has written books and also designed and built his own home following the dictates of bio-architecture and energy efficiency. Leonardo’s content embodies the bliss of a child setting up a game and using their imagination to play with it.

For the past 30 years Leonardo has been mastering the art of making sand sculptures and organizing sand (sculpture) events around the globe. Since most sand sculpting events got canceled due to COVID-19, Leonardo figured this would be the perfect opportunity to make the best of the free time he was given. He joined TikTok. A couple of weeks in, one of Leo’s video’s blew up overnight.

Leonardo Ugolini Graz Austria