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The most beautiful sand miniature buildings in the world

The most beautiful sand miniature buildings in the world

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This .PDF e-book is a complete collection of Leonardo Ugolini’s (Italy, 1969) sand miniature buildings, created all around the world. The e-book contains explanations about his works in 9 different languages. All the work illustrated in this book has been built by mixing just sand (beach or river sand) and water alone, without the use of adhesives or cement.

There is no support structure, in iron, wood or any other material, inside the sculptures. All the small details and elements, such as the spires or steeples for example, are created using a special technique invented by Ugolini himself and called the “assembly” technique. Some sculptures are inspired by existing buildings, whilst others are the fruit of the artist’s imagination. The time spent creating these pieces of work goes from one day to one month and the size of the architectural work ranges from a few dozen centimetres up to a height of five metres and a width of over twenty metres.

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